Style #036
Victorian Ladies

Two cards each of four charmingly elegant Victorian ladies with hats hand-decorated with lace, feathers, netting, jewels, and assorted embellishments. Gift-boxed and printed on a recycled antique ivory stock with multi-colored flecks.

NEW! #036(E)
Black Victorian Ladies (Not Shown)

Picture of the Victorian Ladies Cards
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Style #034
Fitness Notes

Featuring 4 different gals exercising embellished with our assorted trademark trims. A great gift for your aerobic instructor or personal trainer.

NEW! #034(E)
Black Fitness Notes (Not Shown)

Picture of Fitness Cards
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PicturePicture of Christmas Couples Cards
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Style #035
Christmas Couples

Style #035(E)
Black Christmas Couples

Why not use these festively adorned couple notes as Christmas cards or as invitations to your annual holiday party? 8 assorted cards with envelopes decorated with a wide array of trims. No two cards will ever be the same!


Style #025


For the fashion conscious! 2 cards each of 4 varied black and gold raised printed fashion designs depicting shoes and accessories from different eras. Lace, metallic trims, rhinestone and sequin appliques really jazz'em up!!

Picture of Acessories Cards
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Picture of Reclining Ladies Cards
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Style #014
Reclining Ladies

4 different silhouetted ladies on brightly colored lounges embellished with rhinestones, feathers, sequins and/or flowers. Gift box of 8 notecards. (2 each of 4 styles)

Style #014(E)
Black Reclining Ladies
(See Catalog Page 6)

Style #003

These notes are great for Shower or Engagement gifts and Thank You's. Each card is festively adorned with assorted appliques including faux gems, feathers, flowers and sequins. There are 2 cards each of 4 designs with envelopes in a gift box.

Pictures of the Hands Cards
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Style #008

Show the perfect host and hostess that you care. We can personalize these handcrafted notecards with either first names or a last. Felt hats and ties along with feathers, rhinestones, flowers and other decorative trims grace these 8 unique cards, each different. Gift boxed with envelopes.

Pictures of Couples Style Cards

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Pictures of Black Couples Cards

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Style #008(E)
Black Couples

Personalize each of the 8 differently decorated cards in this assortment with your favorite couple's last name or first names to show that you were thinking just of them. Feathers, spangles, rhinestone and a variety of trims adorn these fine ladies' felt hats while their companions sport spiffy felt ties. A real delight to behold in a pretty gift box with envelopes.

Style #015
Straw Hats

Four varied straw hatted contemporary ladies, brightly printed, are trimmed with netting, rhinestones, flowers, metallic sparkle and luminous accents. Boxed 2 cards of each, 8 total with envelopes

Style #015(E)
Black Straw Hats
(Not Shown)

Picture of Straw Hats Style Cards
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Style #032
Notes with Pizzazz

8 assorted notes with splashes of design on a most unusual rainbow tie-dyed looking recycled paper with envelopes to match. Of course, bits of this and that are added as our trademark along with the personalization(s) of your choice.

Picture of Pizzazz Style Notes
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Picture of Original Style Cards
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Style #001
Original Ladies

These 8, 3-1/2" x 4-7/8", cards with faces of ladies from the 20's era are really delightful. No two are alike. Each has a felt hat trimmed with a variety of fun things, i.e. feather fluffs, ribbon, rhinestones and other doodads. The finishing touch is a name of your choice in calligraphy.

Style #009
Teddy Bears (G) or (B)

A great Birth Announcement, Baby Photo Holder and Party Invitation. Hand colored teddies holding felt balloons accented with a special trim come personalized with a name(s) or brief greeting. Gift box of 8 cards with envelopes, 1 style colored and decorated four different ways. Please specify boy colors (B) or girl colors (G) when ordering.

Pictures of Teddy Bears Style Cards
009(B) - Click to Enlarge - 009(G)


Style #014(E)
Black Reclining Ladies

A popular addition to our ethnic notecard line. Elegant women on brightly colored setees adorned with fluffs of feathers, jewels and a variety of sequin appliques. Four unique designs, 2 cards of each in a pretty gift box.

Picture of Black Reclining Ladies
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Picture of Black Hands Style Cards
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Style #003(E)
Black Hands

"Hands On" a box of note cards! Our ethnic line of hand stationery, gift boxed, is a delight to receive. Your choice of name in calligraphy on 4 assorted cards, 2 of each style. All 8 are decorated with feather fluffs, rhinestones, flowers and/or doodads.

Style #026
Kids Notes

Pizza, hot dogs, ice cream cone and soda motifs are awesome; decorated with felt, sequins and a variety of trims. They come boxed 2 cards each of 4 designs. Retro theme perfect for "Grown-up kids" invites or thank yous.

Picture of kid notes cards
009(B) - Click to Enlarge - 009(G)



Style #031
Bon Appetit!!

For those who like to entertain... 4 different note card designs each filled with yummy things to eat. Perfect to use as invitations, thank you's or even to jot down that requested recipe on.

Picture of Bon Appetit Cards
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Picture of Black Ladies Style Cards
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Style #004
Black Ladies

Sophisticated black ladies each in a different felt hat. Hand embellished with an assortment of decorations; flowers, jewels, sequin trims, ribbon and feathers. Again, our smaller card 3-1/2" x 4-7/8" - eight with envelopes in a pretty gift box. Remember that special friend with a special gift.



Style #021
Art Deco Ladies

These fashion note cards really dazzle you with their Deco flair. Accented with red felt, black netting, feathers, metallic trim, sequin and gem appliques, they certainly are an impressive way to say Thank You. Two each of 4 styles with envelopes in a gift box.

Picture of Art Deco Style Cards
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Picture of Black Art Deco Ladies Style Cards
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Style #021(E)
Black Art Deco Ladies

The colors red, black and white make a dramatic statement for these ethnic Art Deco notes. Felt, assorted trims, feathers, netting, rhinestones and/or spangles adorn the 4 different Deco ladies along with the name of your choice handwritten in calligraphy. Gift box of 8 cards with envelopes.



Style #010
Cat Notes

See the pretty kittys on our clever notecards. Each sits on a checkered floor wearing its own hand decorated collar next to a felt bowl with a felt ball of yarn. Box of 8, same design with assorted embellishments.

Picutre of Cat Style Cards
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Picture of Puppy dog Style Cards
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Style #029
Puppy Dog Notes

Four varied adorable puppy notes trimmed with felt and various other doodads. If you're a dog lover... these are for you. Why not personalize them with the puppy's name or even something creative like FIDO's MASTER(S)? 8 cards with envelopes in a gift box.


Picture of Fashionable Ladies Cards
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Picture of Black Fashional Ladies Cards
Click to Enlarge - #006(E)

Style #006 - Fashionable Ladies
Style #006(E) - Black Fashionable Ladies

Eight elegant ladies each dressed up in different gown adorned with marvelous jewels, spangles, feathers, ribbons and much more. Don't forget the name to be handwritten in calligraphy on each and every card. The 8 notes that are shown above will be included in each box. (Please specify either #006(E) or #006 when ordering)



Style #033
Country Western Notes

If you're into two steppin' or just the country western thing, these notes are for you!! A variety of trims including a piece of bandana highlight the 2 different designs, 4 cards of each, printed on a sierra blue textured stock which is recycled, too.

Picture of Country Western Notes
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Carousel Horses Cards

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Style #024
Carousel Horses

2 each of 4 different vibrantly colored hobbyhorses decorated with feathers, metallic trims, spangles and/or gems. These 8 merry-go-round cards will be enjoyed by young & old alike.

Style #030
Victorian Couples

We're quite excited about this smashing notecard line. Printed on a pale orchid stock with bright white envelopes, these fashionable ladies and gents are all decked out with plumes, pearls, lace, gems and other bits of sparkle. 2 each of 4 differently attired couples.



Pictures of Vitorian Couples Cards
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Style #005
Christmas Ladies

Lovely ladies grace these personalized notecards, each in a different felt hat and all dressed up for the holidays. They are trimmed with ribbons, feathers, rhinestones and Christmas sequin appliques. Gift box of 8 assorted cards with envelopes. (Please note that this card size is 3-1/2" x 4-7/8", rather than our usual card size,4-1/4" x 5-3/8".)

Picture of Christmas Ladies Cards
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Picture of Black Christmas Ladies

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Style #005(E)
Black Christmas Ladies

This holiday line is decorated similarly to STYLE #005, and is our ethnic version of this same design. These stylish women with a variety of trims are a perfect way to extend a holiday greeting. These 8 assorted cards are also 3-1/2" x 4-7/8", rather than 4-1/4" x 5-3/8" which is our standard size.



Style #001(B)
Birthday Ladies
Style #004(B)
Black Birthday Ladies

Use these jazzy ladies decorated with colorful birthday cake spangles, feathers, rhinestones & a variety of trims as a birthday card, or order them as invitations for that next birthday party.

Picture of Birthday Ladies Cards
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Pictures of Teachers Notes Cards
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Style #001(T)
Teachers Notes

Style #004(T)
Black Teachers Notes

Looking for a unique gift for that special teacher... here it is! Similar to the notes featured on pages 5 and 7, except that these professional ladies are accented with red apple sequins along with an array of complimentary trims.

Style #0001(M)
Musical Ladies
Style #004(M)
Black Musical Ladies

For her first recital or on opening nite present these lovely notes of talented ladies embellished with musical notes in addition to assorted whimsical decorations.

Picture of Musical Ladies Cards
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Style #028

Four differently decorated cards: 2 of each, are a great gift for the sport's' enthusiast. Felt flags, golf balls, and various other trims really make these cards zing! Gift boxed with envelopes.

Stlye #027

Netting, felt balls, and racket embellishments create a 3-D effect on these special cards. Something unique for that dynamic duo! Two notes each 4 differently trimmed cards.

Picutres of Sport Style Cards
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Pictures of Soccer Cards
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Style #019

Your favorite soccer player will enjoy corresponding with these special notes, each colored by hand. 4 assorted colors of felt piping accentuate the sport shoe. Gift box of 8 with envelopes.

Style #020

BATTER UP!! These nifty sports notes are hand colored, and to each card a felt bat has been applied. Eight notes, all alike, with envelopes. They can even be personalized with a team name!

Picture of Baseball Style Cards
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Picture of Ballet Style Cards

Style #016

Rhinestones and trims adorn these delicate ballet slippers colored by hand in various shades of pink. Eight assorted cards with envelopes are a perfect gift for that ballerina.




Style #023
Men's Notes

Finally, a notecard line just for men. Printed on a handsome antique grey stock with matching envelopes. You can monogram these classic shirts with hand colored ties accented with our own version of cuff links and tie tacks, using initials or a first name, or both. Gift box of 8, 2 each of 4 styles, assorted colors.

Picture of the men style notes
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Picture of Leg Style Notes
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Style #013
Leg Notes

Need something special for that special couple - Engagement, Anniversary or just Thank You's? A jewel accents the lady's hand on each identical note. Box of 8 printed on a handsome rattan colored paper. They can be personalized with either first names or a last.

Style #017
Lacey Gloves

Four different black lacey gloved hands on pink notecards are embellished with a rhinestone. Gift box of 8 cards with white envelopes.

Picture of Lacy Gloves Style Notes
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Style #038

Four beautiful detailed pen and ink butterfly cards, 2 of each, printed on a off white stock with flecks. Gift boxed and accented with an array of our colorful trims. Don't forget - we'll personalized each card by hand with a name(s) or greeting of your choice!

Pictures of Butterfly Style Cards
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Style #039
New Beach Notes

Style #040
Travel Notes

Bon Voyage!! Remember your favorite traveler, travel agent or beach lover with a box of either style. These assortments are printed on a mix of pastel colors and each card is decorated with a melange of trims.

Beach Notes Style and Travel Note Style Cards
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Style #108(M)
Gay Couple Notes
Style #108(F)
Lesbian Couple Notes

8 unique colorful cards on white stock gift boxed with envelopes. Each note is decorated differently with a mix of fun trims including felt, sequins, rhinestones and/or feathers. In addition, we'll personalize each card by hand with the names or greeting of your choice. (Biracial couples available upon request.)

Pictures of the Gay and Lesbian Style Cards
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Picture of the Dancing Couples Cards

Style #037
Dancin' Couples


Four silhouetted couples "trippin the light fantastic" elegantly etched with gold and accented with crystal rhinestones. Gift box of 8 notes with envelopes.